A Free And Simple Way To Verify Your Coverage For Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Need help finding an alcohol and drug rehab that accepts your insurance? Get your benefits checked and work with a rehab insurance specialist to find the best treatment option for you.

About Us

Being A Trusted Resource For Insurance Verification

The hardest part about recovery is taking that first step in seeking treatment. There can be many deterrents along the way, and we would like to help minimize the stress of navigating through that process alone. Our rehab insurance specialists are highly skilled in understanding insurance policies and what they can mean for your treatment options.

We have built a free and easy tool that helps individuals verify their health benefits for drug rehab. This can help shorten the time between searching for the right rehab and getting your recovery plan started, taking you from point A to point B in no time. Let us help accelerate the process of searching for the right treatment today!


How Does It Work?

Verifying your insurance coverage for rehab is very simple and only takes 3 steps.

Submit Insurance Information

The first step to verifying your coverage is to provide us with your insurance information. This is a secure process where we will collect only the data needed to verify your coverage. 

Verification Of Benefits

Once we have your information, our team will begin the verification process. We will be able to determine your exact coverage and determine the available options for your addiction treatment. 

Rehabilitation Options

After we have verified your coverage, a team member will reach out to the number you provided in your application. We will go over every detail and answer all of your questions. 

Who is Rehab Insurance Check for?

Parents Seeking Help For Children

Are you a parent or family member to someone facing addiction? Rehab Insurance Verification is just the tool you need to find out if your insurance will pay for rehab services. Create an account to get started.

Couples and Marriages

Are you an individual with a problem or married to someone that could use an evaluation? See if your insurance covers rehab services for your loved one.

Friends Helping Friends

Do you have a friend that needs to look into rehab services? Help them verify their insurance with our simple and handy tool.


Are you an individual looking to find out if your insurance covers rehab? We have a simple way for you to find out if you are covered.

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